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[SLUG] Debian and X

>On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 02:46, Dion wrote:
>> Just a thought about running xfree86.  Have you thought of trying a
>> generic vga adaptor driver?? I would expext, indeed I believe all video
>> cards support basic VGA resolutions up to 1024*768 and then there are
>> the VESA modes also.  You may not be able to use mesa or other 3d
>> acceleration but I don't see why X wouldn't be able to run.
>> Anyone beg to differ?

>I beg to agree. I was installing on a machine with an SiS card. With
>Debian it wouldn't run at all. With RH8 the screen was so dark that I
>could scarcely read it. Everthing fine with VESA driver.

I have finally got a Debian to run X :-). (I had tried before with
potato.. and gave up: tried again with woody) My GeForce 4 would not
configure using any of config tools--and vga would not work--just as I was
about to give up, I found the suggestion for vesa on card list, typed it
in the XF86Config-4 .. .and now it walks (does not run yet.. maybe I'll
get the courage to try nVidia drivers))

BUT I have a problem with X.
If I leave it alone for a time, the screen blanks.  OK.
Leave it a little longer and the login screen re-appears.  I want to leave
SETI running (as on RH 7.2 at the moment), will it not do this if
something is using cycles? Where is the blanking behaviour controlled?
(I'd really like to start in terminal mode and use startx.)

thanks to all for the information in answer to the others.  I am still
pretty much a newbie trying to make the transition to Debian...