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Re: [SLUG] Debian Manuals

Most books on 'Generic Linux' will work with Debian.
I was actualy able to get a 1000-page or so "Debian GNU/linux 2.1
unleashed" for $10 in January. Most of the info still works, and is
useful for reference.

Now dont be embarrassed!
Going on IRC (freenode, irc.freenode.net, in #debian - and join #slug
while your there) is the source of sooo much help. I'm not kidding - IRC
has given me great support in times of crisis (as well as times of
"Thats it, this thing is going out the window NOW!").

Remember, nobody cares if you don't know this - that's why we're here to
help :)


On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 22:59, mick wrote:
> Hi All,
> After a busy few weeks I finally had the oppurtunity to sit down and start to 
> look around my new Debian Woody install.  I still don't have Xwindows cause 
> my radeons not supported.  I wanted to start getting to know this OS, when I 
> started with RedHat, I had a nice BIG book to read from.
> Is there a BIG book of Debian, either downloadable or bought that is highly 
> recommended for Newbies.  (Advanced Network Administration for Debian Servers 
> is out of the question, something more of the "Using Debian ... the How to 
> find your arse with both hands guide.", type flavour)
> I find it embarressing to keep posting simplistic questions when most posts 
> seem to deal with 
> 	"redirecting /var/spoong/thingo/tango/charlie to less|more| and 
> thensome/headache/var/null/ to get your usb printer working because they left 
> :icky/icky/wangna/print/this out of the build in kernel version 1.1.Sanders.
> I need a little |less information and lot more HOWTO.  I've wasted money on 
> books that didn't accomplish what they claimed to set out.  I was hoping some 
> of the Debian community could help me get on track quickly, without pestering 
> the slug post.
> Yours 
> Mick

Chris D. (wazza@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

"In a world without fences, who needs GATES?"