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Re: [SLUG] IE running on Linux - Suggestions

On Sun, 2003-03-16 at 12:38, Adam W wrote:

    I have had a peep at crossover office/plugin - how well does this work??
    I am really only looking to get IE running nicely. I don't want to spend
    my US$60 to find that it works for most, but not for me. It's a real
    pitty they don't have a demo release! Or not one that I can find!


Ive got IE 5.5 running with codeweavers cossXover for office and it
works fine and thats on a PIII 600 and MS-Media player also works 
fine and i have some plugins installed just for fun and they went off
without a hitch.

The version of cossover on the CD I was given didn't work but I also
took up the free update option and just downloaded a patched version
and it worked fine.

You don't need to do anything fancy for printing in Mandrake it just
works and you can save to file (in this case it will be a  postscript
file)and then use Kprint to translate it from PS into a PDF or use

Ive got Office 2000 and IE and a few other odds and ends working fine

One note don't bother with the font installer in Codeweavers just copy
the ttf files right of the Office CD or a website straight into the


directory and save yourself a hassle...I have about 400 fonts in there
and they all work fine.

Why you may ask did I do this evil thing,,, well I have to get Linux on
the desktop and in some cases people just don't like oO or Star Office
and refuse to change so I go with the flow. Also it's useful to have IE
for both the IE only websites and for testing to see how a web page
looks in multiple browsers on one machine.

PS OpenOffice.org is still nicer but it needs a bit of work on the doc
importer its not 100%

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