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[SLUG] Problem compiling kernel on Redhat 8.0


I've googled this problem yesterday to no avail I hope someone here can
help me out.
I need to compile a kernel on my Redhat 8.0 laptop but when I do the
"make bzImage" I starts compiling but after a few mins it stops with the
last few lines of code reading:

drivers/char/drm/drm.o: In function `sis_fb_alloc':
drivers/char/drm/drm.o(.text+0x12ff8): undefined reference to
drivers/char/drm/drm.o(.text+0x130a6): undefined reference to `sis_free'
drivers/char/drm/drm.o: In function `sis_fb_free':
drivers/char/drm/drm.o(.text+0x13119): undefined reference to `sis_free'
drivers/char/drm/drm.o: In function `sis_final_context':
drivers/char/drm/drm.o(.text+0x1354f): undefined reference to `sis_free'
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

I have tried to compile the following Kernel versions: 2.4.20,
2.4.21-pre4, 2.4.21-pre4 with the acpi patch applied from

Running "rpm -qa |grep gcc" Says:  

Ideas anyone???

Another issue which is unrelated is when I try to do a "make rpm" on the
same sources. The error received is:

-ta: unknown option
make: *** [rpm] Error 1

Does anyone know if this option "t" was in a previous version of rpm as
the makefile is passing this option to rpm. If so what is the new option
to replace it. My rpm version is 4.1.

Best regards,

Wayne Storey
Creation Technology Solutions

Mobile: 0404 224 875
ABN:    30 638 407 783