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Re: [SLUG] Win2k - Linux VPN


Have you checked the various VPN HOWTOs in /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/HTML/en ?


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Phil Scarratt <fil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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13/03/2003 04:32 PM

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Hi all

Sorry to interrupt all this talk about nominations....

Anyone know a good howto or pointers on setting up a VPN from Win32 
clients to Linux server? I'm currently looking at setting up an 
IPSEC/L2TP tunnel but am having trouble getting IPSec to work. I tried 
to follow instructions at both




to no avail as yet. I get packets arriving at the eth interface but not 
ipsec0 interface (tcpdump). No packets are being dropped or rejected but 
the logs say the following:

Mar 13 16:25:39 neo pluto[28331]: "L2TP-CERT-WIN2KXP"[2] 
#3: unable to locate my private key for RSA Signature
Mar 13 16:25:55 neo pluto[28331]: "L2TP-CERT-WIN2KXP"[2] 
#3: Peer ID is ID_DER_ASN1_DN: 'C=AU, ST=NSW, O=Draxsen, CN=rivendell'

The error looks like an obvious oversight somewhere but I can't find it?

Is there a better way? (apart from not using M$ OS at all that is).

Thanks for any tips or info.

Phil Scarratt

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