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Re: [SLUG] Microsoft Tax

<quote who="Peter Domachuk">

> My question to the forum is: What degree of sucess has anyone out there
> had with refunding the value of thier OEM copy of windows, be it from the
> manufacturer of Microsoft itself? Is Microsoft even approachable in this
> issue? I'm happy to hear any and  all experiences, anything will help at
> this point.

Morning Peter, long time no see, :-)

Basically, what will happen is that Dell will direct you to Microsoft, and
Microsoft will direct you to Dell. It is unclear whose responsibility the
refunds are, and they use this to great effect. I have not heard of too many
successful refund requests...

If you think that SLUG can help out in any way, lend its name to your cause,
whatever, please let us know.


- Jeff

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