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Re: [SLUG] Advice for a Web Cafe

At 02:36 PM 10/03/2003 +1100, Kevin FItzgerald wrote:
Hi All
I am setting up an Internet cafe/Community access point at my church. We have a room and 50 Machines all with Windows Lic's for the desktops, and I want to run
RH8 as the server and Backend. I will probably set it up as an NIS Server for
ease of admin etc but thats not the question for this topic. What i would like
is recommendations of filtering software that I can put on the RH8 server to
block access to Porn etc (Being a church this is very important). Can anyone
suggest a Linux Equivalent to products like Net Nanny etc?

Dear Kev,

First, the bad news.  Net Nanny fails about half the time.  None of them work


Better news, Squidguard is an add-on the Squid and has an constantly updating "black list"


Social rules are much more effective than technology in curbing kids looking at porn.

If you need any help drop me an email.

BTW,  why are you using Windoze as the clients at all?
Using thin clients is much cheaper and easier to maintain.
50 M$ machines will require a full time admin person.

You could use the Computerbank images. That is what that setup all the time but without spending any money.


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