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Re: [SLUG] Tux goes trucking

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 02:37:02PM +1100, Richard Neal wrote:
> hai people
> There I was sitting at the bus stop and I noticed a copy of the Auto
> section from the Telegraph (March 8 Sat 2003) so I picked it up, and on
> the back cover is an article on a a Mercedes truck called the Failsafe
> Truck that literally steers itself.
> There is this 2/3 page picture of a man sitting in front of a laptop on
> top of the trucks steering wheel and another terminal in the passenger
> seat.

My favourite story of AI driving is of a giant truck full of computers
navigating around a park - it drove slowly up to a rubbish bin, stopped
and thought for about 5 minutes, and then drove over the top of it.