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[SLUG] Problems Installing Red Hat 8.0 [More Info]

Hi Sluggers:

Can't see if the original post I sent was received by the list.

Anyway I have received Red Hat 8.0, and Mandrake 9.0 from the Linux Minibook.

However I am getting problems with the installation of Red Hat Linux 8.0.

The actual error message is a missing package from the CDs. The error quoted:

"package zlib- 
zlib compression and decompression library

file /mnt/sysimage/var/tmp/zlib- cannot be opened. This is due
to to a missing file, a bad package, or bad media. Press <return> to try

This looks like a problem with the distribution CD I was given. Has anyone
seen this issue ? I will probably sent it back to PC World and ask for another

I even tried the individual package install, and I went through all of them
one by one, and I cannot even find a package called "zlib". The closest I saw
was "zlib-dlevel".

Any comments on this, fire away .