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[SLUG] Western Sydney Linux User Group (WSLUG) is Back!

Greetings People's,

After a long absense due to a lack of a suitable venue, I am happy to announce that Wslug has a new venue for holding meetings, & will hold our 1st meeting on the 10th May 2002.

Our New address is:

  The Richmond Neighbourhood Centre - Hall No.3
          20 West Market St

(5 minute walk from Richmond Train station, opposite the Church)

While we originally planned a different venue, it seems that local council politics resulted in too many delays in getting the OK, so an alternative venue has been found to allow us to get everything going! (Our thanks to the RCSI for their facilities)

We have facilities to seat ~30 people at this stage, with tea/coffee/softdrinks etc. available for a nominal fee (We have to pay for the hiring of the facility somehow - At least until we can find a 'sponsor' of some sort :)

I am also hoping to be able to provide CDR's of all current GPL'd Linux distro's (again to help cover hall hire costs ;), but at present only have Redhat 7.2 & Mandrake 8.0 for PPC - I figured I'd wait until Mandrake 8.2 for both x86 & PPC are released before providing the x86 version ;) - If anyone has other up to date GPL'd versions of other distro's, I'll be more than happy to add it to the arsenal - disk storage is cheap, much like CDRs ;)

There is no set agenda for this initial meeting, however, I'm sure there will be plenty of people available for those needing help in getting Linux up & running on their machines (There is plenty of power/tables for people to setup their machines :)

My apologies to all who have emailed me regarding wslug, I have been swamped with enquiries regarding wslug, & don't have enough time to reply to them all individually - I have setup a web based message board on the wslug site to allow more people to participate in this (http://www.wslug.org.au/mb/wslug), & will provide a mailing list facility if needed.

Our hope is to get Wslug a bit more organised at this initial meeting - While I know you're out there, we need to also identify those that can help Wslug evolve to better cater for our user group/community needs!

Oops, almost forgot - Our website remains unchanged :


I look forward to seeing you there!

	Rob Wilson
	(Certified - err..iable linux nut + Wslugger  ;)

PS: Please feel free to forward this message to anyone interested ;)