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Re: [SLUG] Toshiba laptop & X

What's the chipset of your video card in your laptop?

Andy Eager wrote:

Hi all,

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get X working correctly on my Toshiba 2520 laptop.

I have tried a multitude of different video timings and have come to the conclusion that the problem does not lie within video timings. The generic laptop (800 x 600) setting behaves in exactly the same way as the standard VGA (640 x 480) setting.

The problem is as follows;

X starts up and seems to work OK. Whenever a window is moved around the screen (or text scrolls) a whole bunch of horizontal lines appear on the screen. There seems to be some kind of pattern when this happens: I can see the standard icons appear at regular spaces accross the screen (not clearly but they are there). For example the RedHat icon appears only once when the screen is still, but when a window is moved, it appears 'ghost like' another 2 times at equal intervals across the screen.

I had a look at google and found only one reference to a similar problem: Here the author states that the frame buffer device seemed to fix the problem. Anybody got any ideas why this would work (haven't tried it yet) and whats going on in the first place?