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[SLUG] How to get dhclient to update /etc/hosts? WAS X11 forwarding over SSH (with DHCP)

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 21:52, Ken Foskey wrote:
> X is run through SSH by creating a dummy screen number to send to on the
> box you are connecting, ssh redirects down the pipe and mangles it
> locally on the way out.  This screen number is 12 local to the sshd
> machine not your machine.  Is is actually generated from the sshd deamon
> and this might not be set up correctly.

I think I have come to the CRUX of the problem.

The DISPLAY variable is being set to something like "lonewolf:10.0" when
I SSH to the box.

This only works when my box (that I am SSH'd into) can resolve that name
(via /etc/hosts) to the correct IP.

I have just tested this and if I manually set the DISPLAY variable to
the "<IPoflonewolf>:10.0" it works fine.

So this brings me to a new question which I don't see the answer to in
the man pages:

How do I get dhclient to update the /etc/hosts file with my DHCP
assigned IP address??

* Simon Wong *