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Re: [SLUG] X crashes for nicko, works for ed

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 14:47, Nick Croft wrote:
> On Friday I was fiddling around with locale in my user account nicko.
> This was to get xterm and mutt working with utf8.
> As it's the same XF86Config being used, I can only assusme that the
> keyboard settings problem goes back to the failed attempt to use a utf8
> locale. I would have though that by returning the entire locale to C by
> using LC_ALL=C would return nicko to a stock standard setting, just like
> ed.
> Clues? please anyone.

Before you kludge, have you compared the environment variables of ed and
nicko? Has LANG or LANGUAGE been set to something obscure?

Just a few thoughts,
  Malcolm V.