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Re: [SLUG] Anonymous ftp logins - intrusions?

On 20 Feb 2002, at 9:00, Nick Croft wrote:

> Morning all,
> This is the second time I've had this /var/log/message 
>    Feb 20 08:02:30 debian wu-ftpd[13548]: ANONYMOUS FTP LOGIN FROM
>    pD952796A.dip.t-dialin.net [], Jgpuser@xxxxxxxx
>    Feb 20 08:02:37 debian wu-ftpd[13548]: FTP session closed
> I keep woofterpad running for local file transfers. I've tried emailing
> Jpguser@xxxxxxxx  but it doesn't get delivered.
> He's pingable at . What else can I do with this address?

I get the same attempts at my FTP server. I've reported the user to 
their german ISP, haven't seen any lowering of attempts so far. My 
attempts go back over many months, going on for almost a year. I've 
considered routing the whole C class to /dev/null but can't see the 
point (yet), there's no attempt other than the connection.


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