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Re: [SLUG] Enforcing proxy use

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Richard Hayes wrote:

> A organisation has public access terminals connected to a Telstra cable 
> connection.  They use a Netgear router that  allocates a 192.168.0.x DHCP 
> address on every client login.
> There is no filtering on the services.
> Using Squidguard (or similar) how can you enforce using the proxy?

You can't.  Unless you can stop connections to port 80 to addresses outside
the local network, people can just connect to wherever they please.

Get rid of the Netgear router, and put a Linux firewall/router/DHCP server
in there instead.  If you're really squeezed for machines (can't afford a
486?) then put the Squidguard machine in as the router.

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Matthew Palmer