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Re: [SLUG] Synchronising file servers

<quote who="Frode Egeland">

> I want to set up multiple file servers (SAMBA) in different regions of the
> world, and have them mirror each other's contents.
> Has anyone done something similar, and if so, how? :)

You might want to look at the Intermezzo filesystem in recent Linus kernels,
or trying OpenGFS, which is still regarded as unstable (although I've used
it at home in its previous life as Sistina's GFS, and it was pretty good).

Intermezzo is more appropriate anyway. ;)

If you're happy just to synchronise content, then definitely check out
rsync, which is one of the most kickarse pieces of software known to man (it
"makes computers useful" according to Tridge, its author).

- Jeff

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