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Re: [SLUG] linux grinding to a halt

<quote who="Christopher Booth">

> "Jeff Waugh" <jdub@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Kernel version?
> 2.4.8-26mdk

... and from your other email:

> That would be why, I have 128MB ram and 70 meg swap partition, I might
> have to create a secondary swap file.

There's your problem. The earlier 2.4 kernels were very lazily reclaiming
swap space, so you really did need to use the RAM * 2 rule. With 2.2, and
the kernels since about 2.4.9, you can be a bit more flexible about this.

I'd recommend upgrading to a more recent kernel, but you can fix your swap
too if you'd prefer to stay with your current one.

> > ... and you're sticking your tongue out at *us*? :)
> >
> my apologies, more so at the monitor :D


- Jeff

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