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Re: [SLUG] Spamassassin on SLUG list?

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 18:59, Anthony Rumble wrote:
> Has anyone thought of putting spamassassin in front of the SLUG mailing
> list?
> it's pretty good..
> And if you set the threshold up high, it should weed out most false hits,
> and get rid of MOST of the spam making it's way onto the list..
> Were using it now for such things on other lists.. and it seems to be
> working VERY well..

I agree, if you set the threshold up to 9-10 (normal is 5) that should
stop false hits.  All that would need to happen then is a quick check of
the 'spam' file to verify they are all duff mails.

I'd be willing to act as a checker if requred.