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Re: Can't get output from passthru() in PHP. was Re: [SLUG] Can't get PHP4 to run on Debian

Jobst Schmalenbach wrote:
about Mikes problem
> > > <?php
> > > $command="cat myemail | spamfooler";
> > > echo ("Command is: $command");        <--- this is a test line
> > > passthru($command);
> > > echo " end";                          <-- test line
> > > ?>
> why not
> $rc = `$command`;
> echo $rc;

I tried that and it also gives no output.
ie echo 'Test $rc"; gives

I am expecting a long funny string. It works from the command line OK.
If I write a perl script called hello that JUST says print "hello"; and
`hello` I get no output. So its something to do with the script.
Permissions or executable status or something. Soething very very

If I get to to work OK I can give a little SLUGomatic 15min talk on what
it does :-

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