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Re: Can't get output from passthru() in PHP. was Re: [SLUG] Can't get PHP4 to run on Debian

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 11:14:37PM +1100, Michael Lake wrote:
> Mike Lake wrote:
> But the code below just outputs 
> 	cat myemail | spamfooler end
> The perl program spamfooler when invoked from the command line does output text but its not showing up in the HTML output from PHP. The output should
> be a single line of text. Here is the PHP code.
> <?php 
> 	$command="cat myemail | spamfooler"; 
> 	echo ("Command is: $command");        <--- this is a test line
> 	passthru($command);
> 	echo " end";                          <-- test line
> ?>
> Any tricks I dont know?

Oh I have the permissions for the script smamfooler set to be:
-rwxr-xr-- so its executable by what ever php runs as.
I even for a test set it to to o+x but still no luck.

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