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Re: [SLUG] Networking with Modem Card

> I have recently bought a Dell D266TX w/
> 128mb of RAM, CDROM, Floppy and a Modem
> Card (PCMCIA) for .. $400 ! It's a PII 266
> of course .. how does the price sound ? 

Price is not too bad, especially if it has a hard drive as well...:-)

> Anyway i'm wondering if it's possible, 
> somehow, to stick a networking cable (cat5)
> into the PCMCIA modem and have it work
> like a network card instead. It's a long 
> shot but that's why i'm asking a LUG :)

Nope - definately NOT - not only are the connectors different, but they don't 
talk ethernet.

Thhere is a Xircom CEM56 PCMCIA card which has 10/100 ethernet and 56K modem in 
it - you can pick them up for around $500 new, or probebly $300 at the markets. 
You can also get a dedicated 10/100 card only for around the $300 mark.

I *may* have a spare CEM56 complete with the necessary "dongles" that I can 
sell for around $250 if I can't resurrect the old notebook... Email me off-list 
if you're interested.