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[SLUG] nfs unmount cdrom problem

I'm running kernel 2.4.10, and can provide other info if needed.

I'm mounting a cdrom on a server and accessing it via nfs from another
machine. After the client accesses the cdrom, and umounts the file
system, the server refuses to unmount the drive, saying it is in
use. But it _isn't_ in use.

Anyone know of a workaround here ? Is there a forced, don't care at-
all at-all option for mount - mount -f does not work ?  Otherwise, I
have to reboot the server every time I change the cdrom.  It makes
installation a real pain.  Yeah, I've thought of making copies of the
three cdroms, but that is also painful.


John August

If Microsoft did not exist, it would have been necessary to invent it.

- Apologies to Voltaire.