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[SLUG] netboot Multia and install of Debian via nfs

Hey gang,

I have a bunch of Alpha's and a Multia (oh joy) that I am trying to get

It is diskless (completely) and I think I have set up my server correctly.
The server rund Debian Woody (testing) and has tftpd, dhcp, nfsboot,
nfs-common and nfs-user-server packages.

I have downloaded the tftpboot.img file from the debian-stable archives and
put it into the /tftpboot directory.  The Multia boots, downloads the
tftpboot.img file, and then resets itself back to the SRM prompt without
doing anything.

After seeing the instructions at
http://spacepants.org/multia/debinstguide.html it looks to be simple, anyone
offer any info on why it's not turning out that way?

Once I get this happening, I'll work on having the root filesystem mounted
via nfs :)