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Re: [SLUG] Can't find address error cont'd

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 18:31, Mick wrote:
> Minh Van Le ask
> What type of share ? NFS/Samba ? Please provide the command you are using to
> mount the share(s).
> I'm trying to mount nfs shares witht the follwoing command
> mount t-nfs /server.domain.com:/sharethis  /sharethis

I assume the "-t nfs" is a typo above?
and delete the first "/", ie. it's:
mount -t nfs server:/sharethis /sharethis

> What's in /etc/hosts.allow ? If there's more than 1 nic on either computer
> and both are on different subnets, then the incoming IP can be of a
> different subnet which is not allowed in hosts.allow.
> /etc/hosts.allow contians the following
>  server.domain.com  server
> box2.domain.com  box2

no that's /etc/hosts isn't it? (it should be) not hosts.allow

> SSH uses tcp_wrappers, so hosts.allow should have: "sshd: IP" (without
> quotes).
> Sorry, I don't understand the above... do I have to add shhd as a seperate 
> entry into hosts.allow?  

yes, mine looks like:
ALL: LOCAL 192.168.1.
sshd: ALL
proftpd: LOCAL 192.168.1.

And if still problems, guide to debugging is:
1) check the log files, any errors are usually self
   explanatory and if not, google on the error
2) if you change /etc/exports or nfs related stuff make
   sure to restart nfs (usually "/etc/init.d/nfs restart")