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Re: [SLUG] icq in iptables

Hi All (again),

I have fixed the problem, however Im not sure if this is the best fix...I opened some ports very high in the ranges (60000-61000) and specified these ports in the ICQ config. I don't really feel comfortable opening these ports, but it is working. If anyone has a better idea let me know.

PS. Simon I am configuring every via consol so a gnome util wont help, but thanks anyways.


At 09:11 PM 18/12/2002 +1100, you wrote:
Quoting Adam Hewitt <n3urogod@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> In ipchains there was actually an icq module that had to be loaded, is
> there something like that that I need to do to get it working with
> iptables, or is it just a port issue.

iptables is stateful firewalling and hence, if a connection is established from
behind the firewall you should have no problems (I don't).

I use firestarter to generate my scripts (in Gnome) you might like to try it

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