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Re: [SLUG] Mandrake and apache error

Quoting Kevin Saenz <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I have been trying to get a virtual host up and running on my LAN
> now what I have noticed is I can not access my virtual host.
> http produces the error of
> [Tue Dec 17 22:57:46 2002] [error] [client] client denied by
> server configuration: /opt/apache/www
> on the browser I get a 403
> when I do a ls -la on /opt/apache/www the ownership is apache:apache
> with drwxr-x-r-x

Have you looked through your httpd.conf (assuming this contains all the apache 
configuration options) to confirm that /opt/apache/www isn't restricted in 
some way. It might be nothing to do with the permissions on the filesystem.

Mind you apache.apache is strange, but I guess thats mandrakes way. Debian has 

If need be, I'd be happy to look through your apache configs if so forwarded.