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Re: [SLUG] fustrations with mysql (TIMESTAMP)

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> Also FWIW, putting things like CURRENT_TIME in tables is fairly brittle --
> think of what happens at daylight saving time or when the time on your pc
> goes haywire. Bad things happen to your data.

Times are usually stored in UTC, so daylight savings and timezone won't come
into it. Having your clock working correctly is pretty fundamental to a lot
of things, so that *shoudn't* come into it. ;-)

> What you're usually after is a "guaranteed to be greater" value.  With
> postgresql/oracle you'd use nextval().

Only if it's a key of sorts (for which time/date fields are terrible
choices). If someone wants the actual time, they really do want the actual

(I'd add myself to the "strongly recommend PostgreSQL" list, too.)

- Jeff

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