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RE: [SLUG] Disk tapper on Woody

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> From: Bruce Badger [mailto:bruce_badger@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, 10 December 2002 10:30 AM
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> Subject: [SLUG] Disk tapper on Woody
> I'm running a Woody system (installed from the SLUG/Debian 
> CD, needless 
> to say :-) ), and there is something going on that is causing 
> the disk 
> to be constantly accessed.  It's like a constant tapping sound as the 
> disk is being hit.
> How can I find out what process is accessing the disk?  Is 
> there a cool 
> monitor out there that I can use to find out?

Try tailing /var/log/messages - if there is some hardware-level-weirdness(tm) happening it may show up in there as a bad seek request or something along those lines.  That was how I got warning that one of my servers' hard drives was in danger of immanent failure.