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Re: [SLUG] The SLUG/Debian Distro' CD


I think this is a great idea, but (for next time) I really wonder if
Debian is the right choice for distro???

This is NOT about distro wars... horses for courses!

I use Debian for my servers, but  if someone had introduced me to linux
via Debian, I would have been utterly lost.

Debian assumes you know what you want. Most newbies don't. I would have
thought Mandrake, Suse, Redhat, possibly others would have been a better
choice. Mandrake (last time i used it) was practically a brain-dead
install. Even a newbie could probably get it going with no help. I'm
pretty sure just about any newbie would be lost installing Debian without

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Bruce Badger wrote:

> The SLUG Debian CD which was presented at the last SLUG meeting has now
> been sighted on the shelves at the main Dymocks shop on George St., and
> at the Co-op bookshops at UTS and at Bay St. (if you spot it elsewhere,
> perhaps you could post here).
> The Co-op have the CD right by the till in the Bay St. store, but it is
> rather hidden behind the counter in the UTS store.  The CD can also be
> ordered on-line from the Co-op web site here:
> http://www.coop-bookshop.com.au/.  The Co-op have the CD for sale at $14.95.
> Dymocks have the CD on their shelves next to the other Linux distro's in
> the computer section on the first floor.  Dymocks charge $22 for the CD.
> The objective of this CD is to provide a (relatively) inexpensive way
> for people new to Linux to get a copy, and to introduce those people to
> SLUG.  Introducing people to SLUG is the key, here.  Once under the wing
> of SLUG they can get help with Debian, or get a copy of a distro more
> suited to their needs.
> Feedback on this SLUG publicity exercise is most welcome.
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