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[SLUG] Re: [Debian-au] DebianSIG in December / DPL DebSIG in January

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 06:57:14PM +1100, akumria@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just a reminder that DebianSIG is on this December. 
> It isn't tomorrow though, but the 11th December (wednesday week).
> However we aren't going to have a talk but, rather, a party.
> We've had a number of suggestions on where it should be held:
> 	- jelly wrestling @ Crows Nest (Conrad)
> 	- spanish restuarant @ City (Robert)
> 	- city pub crawl @ every where (Matthew)
> 	- teppanyaki @ North sydney (Craige)
> 	- Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel @ Bay (Matt)
> Depending on numbers will depend on what we end up going to. 

Hello again,

I've had 6 people definately say that they'd prefer to go a spanish
restuarant. So DebSIG will be on Wed 11th Dec @ 7pm. We'll be meeting up
from abuot 6:30pm at the bar next door (Three Wise Monkeys).

At the moment the Spanish Club is our likely venue and the price per
person will be $30-$40. If you haven't responded to me and indicated
that you'll be coming, please make sure you do otherwise they'll be no
place for you.


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