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[SLUG] Ethernet Port Trunking (etherchannel bonding) doco?

I'm trying to bond two ethernet ports together and have the setup all
but working. My real stumbling block appears to be my inability to
locate decent documentation on performing this feat.

Does anyone know where I can find some doco on setting up ethernet port
trunking (or etherchannel bonding). Google isn't returning results of
any use (perhaps I'm asking the wrong question?). The LDP also comes up

For the curious, I've done the following:

- configured a server trunk using two ports on a Foundry Fastiron II

- trunking setup has been saved and enabled ("deployed" in Foundry's
preferrred terms)

- loaded the bonding kernel driver

- Plugged both eth0/1 from the server into said ports on the switch

- Created bond0

- ran ifenslave on eth0/1 and they are set to slave

- Default route is via bond0

While links lights are on, I cannot communicate with the outside network
in anyway. I've got a gut feeling there's on magical step that's

Any clue bats?



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