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Re: [SLUG] Man by page

John A. wrote:

> How do you look in man by page only, rather than type the comand "man"
and all you see is the last screen.

My guess would be that the PAGER environment variable is not set. You can
type "echo $PAGER" (without quotes) at the command line to find out. If it's
not set then you can type "export PAGER=more" or "export PAGER=less" to set
the variable to either the more or less pager programs in BASH. For cshell
derivatives you can do "setenv PAGER more" or "setenv PAGER less" depending
on your preference.

If that doesn't fix it, then try "man man | less". Have a look to see if
less complains about non-existing or badly configured terminal type.

Check what "echo $TERM" says. It should report something like "console" or
"xterm" or "vt100".  If it doesn't return anything then it's not set at all.
The correct setting in that case depends on what you're running. If you're
just logging in at the console without using any GUI then try setting it to
"console".  Unfortunately as my Linux boxes don't arrive from the UK until
this weekend I can't check what the various GUI console programs set
themselves to.

Also, as an alternative, if you're using KDE then (IIRC) you can type "man:"
into Konqueror and it'll do all the formatting for you.