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[SLUG] DebianSIG in December / DPL DebSIG in January

Hi folks,

Just a reminder that DebianSIG is on this December. 

It isn't tomorrow though, but the 11th December (wednesday week).

However we aren't going to have a talk but, rather, a party.

We've had a number of suggestions on where it should be held:

	- jelly wrestling @ Crows Nest (Conrad)
	- spanish restuarant @ City (Robert)
	- city pub crawl @ every where (Matthew)
	- teppanyaki @ North sydney (Craige)
	- Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel @ Bay (Matt)

Depending on numbers will depend on what we end up going to. 

Obviously the jelly wrestling requires a crowd, and Conrad informs me
it is actually on the 13th -- so if there are enough numbers we will
move DebSIG.

Speaking of moving DebSIG - our Illustrious leader Barksdale 'bdale'
Garbee will be heading out our way as he travels to Linux.Conf.Au
(you've registered, yes?). He arrives on the 17th and feels determined
to come out that night.

So for January I'm suggesting we move DebSIG to the 17th so those not
able to head to the conference have a chance to meet him. It'll be an
oppurtunity to ask some tough questions like: "Why do you have an elmo
puppet?", "Is manoj really your alter-ego?" and "Are you running for DPL

Those of you who intend to come along to the Xmas party could you please 
RSVP so I can let everyone know by Saturday when and where we are going.


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