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Re: [SLUG] Raid 1 setup

<quote who="Mathew Daubney">

> I have been trying to setup raid 1 on a root partion of a Redhat box. I have
> used the "Software Raid HOWTO".

(First off, are you able to reinstall it? The Red Hat installer has a SWEEET
RAID setup thingamie.)

> In setting up the raid I have booted using rescue mode and tried to follow
> the 13 steps in the howto but get stuck on one of the last steps. The
> final step tells me I should have all md based filesytems unmounted except
> root which is remount as read-only. When I try to resize the partion using
> resize2fs /dev/md0 it complains that it is mounted. I can not unmount it
> as it is in use (as read-only). Should the resize command work with the
> partion as read-only as the howto suggests? How else do I complete this
> step?

Resizing is still a scary operation! I would avoid it if at all possible. If
you absolutely have to resize, your best bet is to use a boot disk such as
the LNX-BBC, or your distro disk, which might have the tools on it too.

Good luck, I've managed to avoid resize2fs so far, ;-)

- Jeff

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