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RE: [SLUG] OT: SCO Networking

Just as a general comment regarding things that have been through fires...
Always assume that what hardware you have salvaged will not continue to
work, so the hard disks (in this case) will need to be duplicated and then
taken off line even though they are presently working.

Fires and smoke usually go together, and smoke from electrical fires often
contain acids that corrode all the metal parts such as disk drive motors,
connecting wires to integrated circuits, through hole plating etc. The
smaller the part the quicker it corrodes.

Basically, if it stinks, it's already toast. You might have a month before
the hardware falls to bits.



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Hi Sluggers...

Really sorry about this post, but I have nowhere else to turn.

I have a client who had a fire and all their servers burned. I have
rebuilt all their servers and am replacing their SCO Openserver with
Linux. They need to get their accounting data from the SCO box.

The hard disks were salvaged from the toasted server and put into a new
box. The SCO box boots and all is accessible, however I cannot get
networking happening.

If someone can help me (Reward offered, or course - we are a business)
I'd be grateful.

If anyone needs any more information, please call my mobile (below).


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