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Re: [SLUG] web-based photo albums

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 15:27, Rob B wrote:
> I am about to set up a web-based photo album for my family, and I wonder if 
> y'all have any experience with them.

My favourite is album (http://MarginalHacks.com/Hacks/album).

> There are a few must-haves:
> - no database, images should be stored as files

No databases involved, and everything lives on the server as static

> - web-upload would be real nice

No. :-(
I keep a local copy.  Generate everything off-line and upload it with

But I like album because it's written in embperl, and is very
customisable/themable.  And once it's set up and working properly,
adding new content is fairly simple.

It's probably not the best solution for bulk-uploading of pictures from
a digital camera, but for what I'm doing it works well and is pretty

My album-based.... album is at http://hardy.dropbear.id.au/Photography/