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Re: [SLUG] Deskpro 4000S with Redhat 8 Xfree86 issues

Quoting Ken Foskey <foskey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> The ones I have are cirus.
> As root run `X -configure`   (single dash).  This will create
> /root/XF86Config-4 with the appropriate settings for your hardware. 
> Copy the vertical refresh and horizontal sync values from the redhat
> installed version and it 'should' work.

I did try that, several times.. didn't work very well... infact hung the system 

However Paul Daniels sent me his one, and I have since modified it and it works 
just perfectly. The machine is operating nicely. I must say I like it pretty 
much. I do think another 128mb dimm would be good though, as that would give me 
256mb of ram total.