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[SLUG] php help passing variables

(Linux relevance; This will all run on a Linux box, as soon as I can get some hardware.)
I can't seem to get php to pass variables from an input page to an output page.

<form action="">"test-out.php" method="get">(or "post", tried them both)

<input type="text" name="name">

<input type="submit">





echo ($name);


comment. $name is destined for a MySQL select query. echo ($name) is just for testing.

output.php gets called with this URL (leading http://server...etc stripped for clarity)


the variable $name is empty.

php 4.2.2 running as part of FoxServ 3.0 on a Windows machine.

I'm sure it must be obvious, but I've spent 2 days on this with a number of tutorials & how-to's, and I really can't see why something that is so simple just won't work for me.