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Re: [SLUG] Whoa, that's not going to help us

<quote who="Malcolm V">

> On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 18:43, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Guys, please. This is not positive advocacy. You will not get what you want
> > by flaming and unfairly criticising the people who are simply trying to do
> > their job.
> $Standard_just_following_orders_quote

Heh, I actually tried to not make that connection. I meant something similar
to "don't shout down the phone at someone, because it's very likely not
their fault, and they don't deserve rudeness" rather than "they are not
morally bound because that's their job" (I don't believe in that concept at

> > It's also giving SLUG a bad name -> how can we promote the use and
> > support of Linux if we're seen as flaming zealots? I already feel the
> > need to apologise to St. George's support staff.
> Isn't this over-reacting, of the hundreds (thousands?) subscribed to this
> list one person CC's a non-existent address and suddenly the worry beads
> are out?

Is the address not real? If so, funny gag, dunce cap's on me. Otherwise, I
do think it's a bit unfair to rope SLUG into a personal opinion post without
notice - it would be cool for SLUG to get involved in some positive advocacy
with the banks, though.

> Does SLUG now need to drop some legalese on each post stating that the
> comments expressed within are those of the individual and not all Linux
> users (world-wide) as a collective?

No, not at all. (Note that SLUG needn't have been involved at all.)

> On an personal note, by taking it upon yourself to apologize for John's
> actions you are dismissing his opinions and actions as less important then
> your own...

Not at all, just expressing that they are his own, and not necessarily those
of SLUG. I'd throw in a bunch of other encouraging words about working with
the Linux community to improve their support and such, too. :-)

On the whole, I agree with the thread, but flaming simply doesn't help. We
can do better than that.

- Jeff

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