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Re: [SLUG] Repair shop?

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 09:26, Mark A. Bell wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Can someone recomend a Linux-friendly repair shop?
> Preferably near Glebe or public transport.


Hardware tips for newbies.

The cables from the mother board or ide controller (not that old is
it!).  The cable have a red line sometimes this is very faint but it is
always there.  Check that the marked edge is plugged next to pin 1. 
This is always marked on the board but really hard to see sometimes.

The other end the red line goes against the power connector on drives
and CD drives.  Check that you have done this.

You now have three drives and two cables.  One of the drives will have
to be a slave drive on one of the cables.  Check the CD (generally
easier to work on!) there will be a jumpoer on the back with three pairs
of pins  MA (master) SL (slave) CS (cable select, no-one does this!). 
Switch it to slave and share that cable with the hard drive.

Go into the bios setup and detect the hard drives again.  If you can
boot off CD the bios will detect the CD as well.  If it does not then
you have done something wrong.

Hope this helps,