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RE: [SLUG] startups how ?, deamon restarter loops ?

Have you tried doing a search in google or even the archives in slug.org.au
for really excellent links to linux documentation as a first resort? You
should try it as it's good for the mind.

Here's a sample link:


No, the init scripts won't restart the daemon if it dies. You can use
sysedge from Concord for that purpose.


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I'm still trying to understand all this init.d/rc.d scripts and things,

I'm doing this through Webmin right now:

If I want say Apache or MySQL to start on boot, does that place a
apache-script into a run level 3 hirechary of init.d/rc.d things, is that
the way things work ?

which docs describe the startup procedures, etc ?

also, if I have Apache and MySQL starting at boot;
say, something (bad SQL call) burns down MySQLd:

does the script monitors and restarts the MySQL ?

or, am I responsible for making sure my desired deamons restart if burnt ? 

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