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Re: [SLUG] continuous power up query

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 11:13, Peter Chubb wrote:
> >>>>> "Peter" == Peter Garrone <pgarrone@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Peter>  I wonder what the pros and cons are of leaving ones domestic
> Peter> grade home computer powered up continually.  I have one of
> Peter> lionels dual cpu celeron smp motherboards.
> I have one of those too ... it's been turned on now for 18 months.
> I've found that most of my machines have died in one of two
> circumstances:
> 	-- nearby lightning strike, or
> 	-- turning on the power.
> I can't do much about the first, but the easiest way to fix the
> second is never to power down the machine.

I also run all my systems 24/7, hell even my windoze boxes have uptime
to boast about, (150 days at one point). Unless I need to change
hardware I generally dont reboot. powering down means that when I want
to use my computer it takes 30seconds+ to get it going, instead of
moving my mouse to wake up the monitor and I'm there.

I find that if a computer system is running, and the OS doesnt crash,
nothing will go wrong. (whoever heard of a video card dying while in
use, that wasn't overclocked, or already faulty.) As Peter said, its
when you power up that things start to go wrong.

Patrick Kelso


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