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Re: [SLUG] Redhat 8 - user menus in panels

On Wed, 09 Oct 2002, Norman Gaywood wrote:

> I'm probably looking right at it but I can't see it!
> Has anyone figured out how to add your own menus to a panel in RH8. I
> would have thought:
> Right click panel -> Add to Panel -> Menu
> But menus do not seem to be things you can add to the panel. You can add
> a "GNOME menu", but you can't add/delete things from it.
> You can add a "drawer" which allows you to build up some panels of
> icons. But it's not a menu.

There's (currently) no menu editor for Red Hat 8.0 (AFAIK in GNOME only, I
don't use KDE :). However HP mentioned that the next update of gnome-vfs2(?)
will fix this problem.