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RE: [SLUG] Preventing X from starting automatically...

Ctrl-alt-F1 (Debian) at the GUI will get you back to the command line.

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		Genius that I am, I was so sure that I knew this old
monitor's refresh 
		rate that I just went for it during the installation
process.  Now X 
		starts automaticatically and, of course, it turned out I was
actually a 
		dunce and now I can't see anything intelligible on the

		I thought I might be able guess the key strokes to use to
get back to a 
		text mode console (I have a Red Hat 7.1 KDE laptop) but it
must be 
		running kdm (I guess) and I specified gdm on this Debian
box, because 
		the keystrokes I entered didn't work.

		So, is there any way to alter the run level at boot time?
This would 
		allow me a text login to run xconfig and fix the problem.  I
		ctrl-X and got some sort of LILO menu (i.e. a BOOT: prompt)
but it seems 
		to only allow me to specify a boot image and no parameters.

		Otherwise, what are the gdm keystrokes to return to a text
mode console?

		Finally, are there keystrokes to (on the fly) change the X
resolution to 
		some sort of safe VGA mode to allow graceful

		I have done this so many times with many operating systems
now, you 
		think I would learn....  :-)  (how do you do a rueful



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