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[SLUG] Red Hat 8.0 (First Impressions)

Hi All,

I just installed Red Hat 8.0 on my home system. It certainly looks good, the icons are nice and the fonts are the way fonts should be.

I previously used KDE but I would use GNOME here simply because it runs so very well. Nautilus is great as the file browser.

Fonts in Open Office can be good, it depends which ones you select, but the fonts in Mozilla do not seem great. Internet dial-up is not as easy to get to as it is in Lycoris or Libranet. That said the distro it is certainly more stable than Lycoris.

Mind you it is using 150MB of my 384 MB RAM just with the desktop running and nothing else. I am not sure how it will run on lower end systems. In fact on Red Hat's site it states the minimum RAM for Graphical work is 128 MB. That counts out the machines I use to teach the kids Linux at Cabra High.

Just some initial impressions. Anyone else out there using it and enjoying it?

All the best