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[SLUG] Preventing X from starting automatically...


Genius that I am, I was so sure that I knew this old monitor's refresh rate that I just went for it during the installation process. Now X starts automaticatically and, of course, it turned out I was actually a dunce and now I can't see anything intelligible on the monitor.

I thought I might be able guess the key strokes to use to get back to a text mode console (I have a Red Hat 7.1 KDE laptop) but it must be running kdm (I guess) and I specified gdm on this Debian box, because the keystrokes I entered didn't work.

So, is there any way to alter the run level at boot time? This would allow me a text login to run xconfig and fix the problem. I pressed ctrl-X and got some sort of LILO menu (i.e. a BOOT: prompt) but it seems to only allow me to specify a boot image and no parameters.

Otherwise, what are the gdm keystrokes to return to a text mode console?

Finally, are there keystrokes to (on the fly) change the X resolution to some sort of safe VGA mode to allow graceful reconfiguration?

I have done this so many times with many operating systems now, you think I would learn.... :-) (how do you do a rueful smile?)