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Re: [SLUG] rc2.d debian, exim and postfix

On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 10:30:04AM +1000, David wrote:
> this process uninstalled exim, which is not totally unreasonable, although
> I didn't ask it to.

exim and postfix both provide a mail-transport-agent, and also conflict
with mail-transport agent, on the assumption that only one can run at a
time.  Like you said, not unreasonable.

> should I worry? is this a bug? Ive noticed lots of other exim detritus
> around the place too (exim cron scripts for instance). Is there a sensible
> way of cleaing up orphaned files, scripts and configs?

An apt-get remove, or a dpkg --remove, removes the package, but leaves
the configuration files, the debconf configuration, and it looks like
the rc files stay where they are as well.  I believe the reasoning is
that it makes life easier if, for example, you decide down the track
that you want to go back to exim.

dpkg --purge exim will remove all the leftover stuff.

 Peter Hardy