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Re: [SLUG] Next SLUG Meeting - Friday 27th September, 2002

Here's the promised update to the meeting announcement below. The main room
for this month's SLUG meeting (thank you, Mike Lake!), is 1.04.06 at UTS.

The SLUGlets will be in 2.04.33, nearby. 

For a campus map of UTS indicating buildings 1 and 2, see here: 


<quote who="Jan Schmidt">
> Monthly Meeting for September
> When: Friday, September 27, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
> Where: UTS Broadway
>    The rooms for this month have not yet been finalised - we will post a
>    followup as soon as they are sorted out
> Plan:
>      * The Usual Suspects - Starts 6:30pm
>           + Q&A - "What has Linux done for/to me lately?"
>      * 7:00pm: Conrad Parker demoing Sweep
>      * 7:50pm: Break
>      * 8:10pm: SLUG News & Discussion
>      * 8:20pm: Split into 2 groups for
>           + Techie Talk - Michelle Wibisono, from the Baker & McKenzie
>             Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
>        or
>           + SLUGlets - Anthony Rumble introducing Unix file permissions,
>             and Paul Copeland demoing OEone desktop
>      * Dinner - Starts around 9:15pm
>    Spice Boys for Dinner. It's $20 for mains, around 30 people.
> Sweep:
>    Conrad Parker will be demoing the all-new Sweep sound editing,
>    recording and DJing tool.
>    Conrad, lead developer of Sweep, writes:
>      I'll be giving an introduction and demo of some totally new
>      features in Sweep -- this will be loud and funky world first, so
>      mark it down in your diary!
>      Sweep is a full-featured open source sound editor, now used in
>      production at Pixar and rapidly gaining popularity elsewhere. It
>      features a character called Scrubby who is a very intuitive "scrub"
>      tool and makes editing sounds a breeze. You can use Sweep for
>      general sound editing on your Linux desktop, and thanks to Scrubby
>      you can also use it as a tool for live DJing and experimental
>      music.
>      I'll introduce you to this Scrubby character, show you how to get
>      started editing with Sweep and a bunch of effects plugins, and then
>      we'll get into some fun live audio techniques.
> Michelle Wibisono from the Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy
> Centre:
>    Michelle will be talking about computing and legal issues from the
>    perspective of a computing student who also studies law, and is an
>    intern at the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre.
>      "As part of the Centre's Social Justice Program, we're trying to do
>      2 things: first, work out what legal issues concern the open
>      source, free software and linux communities; and second, work out
>      how we can help with legal questions arising in this context."
>    Michelle intends to cover issues like copyright (particularly
>    Australian laws because they tend to get neglected), encryption,
>    privacy, and internet governance. Issues like digital rights
>    management systems or encryption are really only to get more important
>    in the future, and having the right information or knowing where to
>    look is crucial.
>    If there are particular topics you'd like to see Michelle cover, then
>    please email her at michellew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and let her know.
> SLUGlets:
>    Sluglets are for people new to Linux, or who are looking for
>    discussion of a milder nature than the techie talk. Feel free to come
>    share your experiences with Linux, to get help, or to provide it.
>    This month, we will have Anthony Rumble introducing the Unix file
>    permission model, and Paul Copeland demoing OEone desktop, as well as
>    Q&A time
> See you there!
> J.
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