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Re: [SLUG] ADSL modem

On Sun, Sep 22, 2002 at 09:34:58AM +1000, Brad Thomson wrote:
> I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone who's gotten one of these
> cards working in a stable manner.
Unless you are planning to use them under windows I would have to say
don't touch them. We used to use them on our servers and they all worked
fine for a while but then we started to have a variety of problems.

First of all the drivers are binary only and are really really buggy.
The first lot of drivers we used didn't increment the number of Rx bytes
so we coudln't do traffic counting. Also if you did an ifconfig down
after giving he card an ip address the whole box would kernel panic. I
used to have to reboot -f boxes remotely. Having a binary driver for
this thing is a real pain. They fixed these problems eventually. 

Then Telstra changed soemthing in their ADSL network. On existing
connections things work fine. But on newly provisioned connections these
cards will not work under Linux with pppoe. Without source its
impossible to work out why.

The only place where we haven't had problems with these cards is using
them in a bridged ethernet mode. ie IP over Ethernet over ATM as opposed
to pppoe. This is usually only offered by people doing static IPs.

I'm about to evaluate an ADSL card made by traverse. Which supposedly
has source code. I'll mail back with my findings.