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Re: [SLUG] Setting console to 80col x 50line mode...

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Brendan Dacre wrote:

> Thanks, I needed to run lilo after editing /etc/lilo.conf, I am a goose
> after all.  It was simple and now my vga=enhanced works... sort of.  I
> now get the behaviour I described on my Mandrake system, i.e. it starts
> booting in 50 line mode, then part way through the booting, it resets to
> 25 lines and there it stays.
> Further investigation reveals that this restting appears to occur with
> the message "Setting default font lat0-sun16".  This appears to be
> called from an initialisation script "keytable" which in turn eventually
> calls "consolechars".  This seems to set the console font and do what I
> want, but in the initialisation script, it is using a variable to get
> the font name.  Now I am stuck trying to find where this variable is set...
> I looked at the frame buffer stuff and it appeared to allow you to put
> the console into a graphics mode rather than text mode, which is not
> quite what I want at this stage.  That, my lack of knowledge/confidence
> and some frustration were the main reasons behind my rather declamatory
> statement about not wanting to compile the kernel (yet anyway).
> So, in summary, I am now looking for the place in the initialisation
> scripts where the system font variable is set.

If you ever find out, I'd appreciate knowing!

Even if you find a way to reset the console from the command line rather
than at bootup.

I think {when i was running RH} that after about RH5, something changed to
stop vga=ask from keeping the mode you select after startup - which is
really, really annoying.

I don't know if there's another set of lilo parameters to pass or what -
but I'd like to get 80x43 mode running again.